Friday, December 30, 2011

Another baby?

Well, my parents brought home ANOTHER baby!! I am not so sure that Molly and I signed on for this responsibility. So far, it's not so bad. I mean, I do miss uninterrupted sleep. But this baby doesn't seem to spit up as much as Brandon did--and we Buggs LOVE spit up. The good thing is that we have had a bunch of visitors to see the baby. And that means visitors to see us Buggs too. I guess we will have to wait until baby Paige gets a little older, so that we can reap the benefits of having two kids around here. We will have to wait until she is old enough to spill solid food for us Buggs to nibble. We will have to wait until she is old enough to play with toys for us Buggs to claim our own. Until then, we will just try to sneak in the occasional kiss..that is, if our parents allow us to get close enough to land a kiss!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Big Boy Beds

Lots of changes a brewing with baby Paige on her way next week. Brandon moved out of his baby bed (crib) to make way for his sister, so my mom and dad thought it would be ceremonious to finally get rid of my baby bed. I guess I have outgrown it anyway!

Bugsy in his baby bed...

plenty of room to grow...

A bit too big anymore...

Not even Brandon can fit in my bed!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat Team

This year, Brandon was really into trick-or-treating, which is good, because I am really into treats!! Molly and I dressed as fire, since Brandon was a fireman. You know me, I am always up for an appropriate costume. Molly and I are major fixtures in this neighborhood. I mean, we hang out by the playground every afternoon, and all the kids know us by name. So, we just had to make an appearance. And when Brandon was too tired to continue, I returned home to help pass out candy. I love seeing all the kids in their costumes.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rest in Peace dear friend

Today was a sad day in my family. We had to put my Uncle Dewey to sleep today. He had a good life. He was 13 years old. And he was a great dog. The kind of dog we all aspire to be. Everytime we were together, I would show deference to Dewey. He is my elder afterall. So, I would lick his chops relentlessly to show him how much I respected him. We love you Dewey. You will be missed...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Potty Time

Brandon is starting to show interest in potty training, so naturally, I am right there in the mix. I mean, I have always been a good pooper--I can poop anywhere. In the grass, on the sidewalk, inside the house. No problem. So I think I'll be a pretty good poop coach for B. At the very least, I make a great foot stool!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pregnancy perks

I just love it when mom's pregnant. We Buggs benefit quite a bit. Mom slips home from work every once in awhile for a mid-day nap and Molly and I are right there to cuddle. And of course, after the baby comes, Mom gets to stay home with us all day. And you know what that means....multiple walks! In the meantime, Molly has already claimed mom's pregnancy pillow as her own. She thinks it provides just the perfect amount of support! Women...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend at Grandma's

Mom, Brandon, Molly and I went to San Diego for the Labor Day weekend. Man, that's the life!! We sat poolside most days, except for Labor Day, when there was actual rain. It is awfully nice of our Aunt Dutchess to allow us to crash her pad, but she seems to like having us around. I check in on her every once and awhile to make sure we aren't overstaying our welcome.

Brandon has become quite a help around the house. He feeds all three dogs treats. He helps grandpa pick up the poop. And he spreads the hugs all around.

Thanks for a great weekend Grandpa and Grandma
Molly in the yard

Bugsy by the pool

Bugsy with Aunt Dutchess

Poop duty

Sunday, July 31, 2011


We are getting ready for baby number two in our house. The first project was to move Brandon into his big boy room. I was the project manager, of course.

We enlisted some very hard-working day laborers--grandma and grandpa--for the weekend. Grandpa Duke and Dad painted the room a new blue color. I was there to oversee the project. If you recall, I was there to assist with the painting of Brandon's nursery over two years ago. That time I got my paws (and fur) dirty, but not this time. Molly and I checked in on their progress every once in awhile. They did a great job.

My mom had a vision for the room and got started right away. Grandma was the seamstress and sewed the drapes and window seat cushion. I was here to let the carpenter in the house, in order to create the built in bookshelves. It all came together. I can't wait to sleep in there. Just like my dog skip.

We have had to change up the nighttime routine a bit. We are all getting used to it. Instead of me sitting on the chair with Brandon during story time, I now hop on the bed with mom and B. Molly usually lays next to the bed, chewing on some sort of toy. We are all really proud of B. He has slept through the night without any problem for over a week now. I've raised him well.
The finished product

The Buggs and B pick out a few books for the first night

Molly is not too sure about this painting stuff

Brandon was happy to help with the "art"

The project manager checking out the taping job

Friday, July 15, 2011

Swim coaches

Our baby brother Brandon had a fear of water earlier this year. So, we Buggs banned together to make sure he conquered that fear. So, when we are grandma's and grandpa's house, we decided to give it a try. Brandon went in the pool in his floaty ( or as he called it, his "bubble") and Molly and I kicked it old school dog paddle style. Molly is always ready to take a dip, but I am a little more reluctant. I did it for Brandon. Brandon thought it was hysterical to see Molly and me swimming, so he was laughing and loving the pool right away. Brandon has been in the water nearly everyday since. Mission accomplished.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer fun

It's hot again, so Molly insisted that her pool be brought out again. Brandon was very excited about it. So excited that he just hopped right in with his shoes still on. So now, every day after school Brandon comes home to have a splash day with us buggs. Molly just gets right in, but I'm a little more cautious. But Brandon splashes me in my face anyway. At least it cools me down! This heat is hard on us flat nosed buggs!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Such a good sport

A good sport. That's what I am. Brandon practically tackles me with hugs. He tries to poke my bugg eyes. He backs up against me when we're lying in bed. He laughs in my face. And he's always trying to put his hats on me. Now, I have never been one to balk at the perfect outfit, but this is getting to be a bit much. Although, I'll admit, I can rock a baseball cap!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Underbite contest

As you probably have noticed, I have a rather pronounced underbite. I wasn't born with one. It just sort of emerged one day! It's quickly become one of my most endearing features. I mean, people stop us in the dog park and comment on it. People post comments on it in my facebook account. So today, my brother Brandon and I had an underbite contest. He was trying to make one, but he didn't even come close! Keep practicing...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reunited...and it feels so good

For my most loyal followers, you will recall that my first true love was Miss Chelsea Jones. A fair haired, curvaceous Pug, who stole my heart. We had a week long affair when she stayed at my house. We showered together, slept together, ate together, played together. We were a match made in heaven.

Well, life moved on and Chelsea and I have been apart for a few years. Our lives have changed dramatically. We both have new fur siblings and new human siblings. It's been too busy to get together again.

But today, we were reunited once again. Molly and I made the trip down south to see my love. She looked lovely. It will be an afternoon I remember forever.

Chelsea and Bugsy...the couple that pants together stays together

The new siblings, Molly and Yoda

A pug party

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

I'm 4 today. That makes me 28 in dog years. That means I am the same age as my Uncle Randy. I may be a little more grey in the muzzle. My underbite a little more pronounced. My bounce a little less bouncy. But I am still the same sweet Bugg I started out to be. In fact, I think I get better with old age. Like wine. Or an unearthed rawhide!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bubble Buggs

Man, there are many perks to be a big brother, but I just discovered possibly the best perk...BUBBLES!! Brandon is crazy about bubbles (ba-bulls). He absolutely insists on playing with bubbles whenever we are in the backyard. Ordinarily I would have had to approve of this activity, since the backyard is clearly my territory, but I am willing to overlook this over-site. Bubbles are cool. I am determined to catch one, but they are tricky little suckers. Molly really gets close to catching them, before they float on away. Hopefully, we will have plenty of practice in catching these bubbles this summer...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Winter Coat

Everyone who has ever been to my house knows that I shed...A LOT!! It's a miracle if you leave the house without Bugg has all over your black pants. Mom had to furminate me last weekend, and although it looks like a lot, it didn't even make a dent! What's a Bugg to do?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Playing Favorites

Since the very beginning, I have been Brandon's favorite. Let's be honest, I am everybody's favorite. I am the laid back, cuddle bugg who gives kisses on demand and just lives to be loved. I have been Brandon's best buddy since he first came home from the hospital. I would be within arms reach everytime he was nursing. I would get right down next to him during tummy time. I was next to him when he crawled for the first time. I insist on sitting in his chair with him when he reads stories at night. I am his right hand man.

But recently, Brandon seems to favor Molly. He is always calling for "Ma-yee." He seeks her out to give her treats or bring her toys. Every morning when he comes into bed with my parents (and us Buggs of course), he lifts the covers to find Molly. What's the deal?! I mean, Molly is basically afraid of Brandon. When he makes a sudden move, she jumps. And how could Brandon perfer her, when she is constantly licking his face?

I have been really down about it. Have I been replaced? So I did some research: Playing favorites is actually a sign of emotional and cognitive growth. It helps your child explore relationships and intimacy, and assert his independence. In fact, when a child plays favorites, it's a sign that he feels close to you and is secure in your relationship.

Okay, so I will try not to take it personally. I will eagerly wait for the time that I am preferred once again.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Buggs in Toyland

My house has become a virtual daycare center. There are toys everywhere. Trucks, balls, musical instruments, puzzles, and my most favorite...stuffed animals! Now Brandon, I have noticed that you don't really have much affection for the stuffed varieties. You never play with them. And it's as if you are taunting me, by grouping them along the bottom of your toy shelves. I mean, what is a Bugg to do?? They are within my grasp. Just moments away from me gutting the stuffing and ripping them to shreds. Now Brandon, I know you are only 18 months, and you haven't yet mastered the art of sharing, but there is no time like the present. I will be happy to dispose of those un-loved stuffed animals and make more room for your beloved trucks (which incidentally, I also love to destroy!) Scratch my back and I will scratch yours. No really, I could use a back scratch!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lucky Buggs

Hope you got lucky this St. Patty's day...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nurse Bugsy

My little brother Brandon has been really sick this week. Ironically, he's sick with the stomach bug--I resent that implication!!! He's been vomiting and all he wants to do is rest and cuddle. No complaints here. I make sure to stick close, just in case he needs anything from me. Sometimes I even sit ON him, just so he's sure to know that I care. I hate to see him sick. I mean, when I have a stomach ache, I just eat some grass. But, Brandon doesn't seem to want to eat anything. Except for an occasional cracker, which I am happy to share every once in a while. Poor sick puppy...