Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pregnancy perks

I just love it when mom's pregnant. We Buggs benefit quite a bit. Mom slips home from work every once in awhile for a mid-day nap and Molly and I are right there to cuddle. And of course, after the baby comes, Mom gets to stay home with us all day. And you know what that means....multiple walks! In the meantime, Molly has already claimed mom's pregnancy pillow as her own. She thinks it provides just the perfect amount of support! Women...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend at Grandma's

Mom, Brandon, Molly and I went to San Diego for the Labor Day weekend. Man, that's the life!! We sat poolside most days, except for Labor Day, when there was actual rain. It is awfully nice of our Aunt Dutchess to allow us to crash her pad, but she seems to like having us around. I check in on her every once and awhile to make sure we aren't overstaying our welcome.

Brandon has become quite a help around the house. He feeds all three dogs treats. He helps grandpa pick up the poop. And he spreads the hugs all around.

Thanks for a great weekend Grandpa and Grandma
Molly in the yard

Bugsy by the pool

Bugsy with Aunt Dutchess

Poop duty