Friday, November 26, 2010

Thankful for droppings

So much to be thankful for this year...

A baby brother who always includes us in snack time.
A dad that takes us for our much anticipated walk each morning.
A mom that cuddles with us each night as we prepare for bed.
A grandma that makes us hearty breakfasts when she visits (eggs, beef, chicken, etc.).
A grandpa that always drops his food--coincidentally in the very spot where we Buggs wait.
A rawhide here, a stuffed animal there....
A couch here, a flip flop there....
Countless friends that rub our ears and bellies just so.

But most of all, thankful for Thanksgiving turkey!

Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm gonna get you

Can't a Bugg get some space! Brandon follows me all the time. He tries to follow us Buggs everywhere...out the dog door, onto the couches...and now up the stairs! It's become a game for us now. Brandon crawls up the first flight of stairs and waits for Molly and me to catch up to him. He turns around and looks down the stairs and laughs. That's our queue to charge up the stairs. Molly and I run up to the very top and wait for Brandon to catch up. Brandon is getting pretty quick too. I have a feeling we will really be in trouble when Brandon starts to walk on his own. Uh oh...