Sunday, July 31, 2011


We are getting ready for baby number two in our house. The first project was to move Brandon into his big boy room. I was the project manager, of course.

We enlisted some very hard-working day laborers--grandma and grandpa--for the weekend. Grandpa Duke and Dad painted the room a new blue color. I was there to oversee the project. If you recall, I was there to assist with the painting of Brandon's nursery over two years ago. That time I got my paws (and fur) dirty, but not this time. Molly and I checked in on their progress every once in awhile. They did a great job.

My mom had a vision for the room and got started right away. Grandma was the seamstress and sewed the drapes and window seat cushion. I was here to let the carpenter in the house, in order to create the built in bookshelves. It all came together. I can't wait to sleep in there. Just like my dog skip.

We have had to change up the nighttime routine a bit. We are all getting used to it. Instead of me sitting on the chair with Brandon during story time, I now hop on the bed with mom and B. Molly usually lays next to the bed, chewing on some sort of toy. We are all really proud of B. He has slept through the night without any problem for over a week now. I've raised him well.
The finished product

The Buggs and B pick out a few books for the first night

Molly is not too sure about this painting stuff

Brandon was happy to help with the "art"

The project manager checking out the taping job

Friday, July 15, 2011

Swim coaches

Our baby brother Brandon had a fear of water earlier this year. So, we Buggs banned together to make sure he conquered that fear. So, when we are grandma's and grandpa's house, we decided to give it a try. Brandon went in the pool in his floaty ( or as he called it, his "bubble") and Molly and I kicked it old school dog paddle style. Molly is always ready to take a dip, but I am a little more reluctant. I did it for Brandon. Brandon thought it was hysterical to see Molly and me swimming, so he was laughing and loving the pool right away. Brandon has been in the water nearly everyday since. Mission accomplished.