Sunday, September 26, 2010

Changes are a comin...

Hey, this is Bugsy...I'm lurking in the shadows these days because the darkness looms over me. Since my baby brother Brandon became mobile, there are so many changes that affect us Buggs:
  1. Baby gates block our ingress and egress and even though the gates are specifically designed for babies, my parents use those gates to keep us Buggs confined.
  2. We have a new dining table so baby Brandon can't hit is head on the old square, glass table. I loved that table. Often times, when Molly or I were in trouble, we would hide underneath in the middle and look up until the coast was clear. But now there is a big ole pedestal in the middle and its nearly impossible to seek refuge.
  3. Our dog bowls are always being put away because baby Brandon is obsessed with splashing around in our water. It's hot and I'm parched and sometimes I can't get to my water.
  4. We Buggs used to be able to sleep in, but baby Brandon has decided that this is an early rising household. He comes into bed and tackles me and says "da" or "usy." My parents say he is saying Bugsy. I guess I should be flattered. Yeah, I admit it, we're best friends.
  5. The doors to all the rooms are closed because baby Brandon is obsessed with opening and closing doors. Well, I used to take advantage of those opened doors by sneaking in early in the morning and peeing in the guest room when I was too lazy to go downstairs. No more...
After much reflection, I have decided that these are a welcomed sacrifice for all the good changes lately. My favorite: when baby Brandon doesn't feel like eating his food, he just pushes it off the high chair onto the floor for us Buggs. Molly and I are always a captive audience. Yum

Monday, September 20, 2010

Introducing Sir Walter

We have a new cousin in the family....Walter Stromsborg. He's a french bulldog. He has my coloring, Molly's lip flaps, and ears all his own. He came over for a playdate this weekend, while the family celebrated my brother Brandon's first birthday (hey, why weren't we Buggs included in that party?) and we had the time of our lives. Walter brought his own loofa dog and had been so good not to destroy it. Of course, after just moments in the Bugg house, we had that thing demolished. We ran around the green belt and took a dip in the pool. We played really hard. We were totally exhausted when Walter went home with his mom. I'm going to ask my mom if Walter can come over for a slumber party sometime. We can watch "Hotel for Dogs" and munch on some pupcorn. I can't wait!
Molly and Walter poolside
No underbite..I know, disappointing!
More pool action
3 cousins--Walter, Bugsy, and Molly