Saturday, October 31, 2009

Molly's first Halloween

Another great Halloween!! As my loyal readers are aware, I just love Halloween. I mean, when else does the door bell ring time and time again...I, of course, have to run to the door to greet those kids dressed in strange outfits. Every time the door would ring, I'd circle around and around the living room to make sure my mom got to the door. Molly and I were quite popular in our pumpkin shirts. If I could pass out candy, I would! (Molly already ate a Snickers) We had about 75 kids to the house, so Molly and I are pooped. Oh yeah, so is our little Brother, Brandon...he was the third puppy in the house this year

The newest Bugg in the family--Brandon

Grandma came to visit us this Halloween

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Family Nap Hour

I have to say, ever since this baby came home with my parents, we have been taking some great family naps. My mom or dad will be sleeping with Brandon and Molly and I just fit ourselves wherever we can to be a part of the action. Sometimes both of us Buggs will sleep between my mom's legs while Brandon is on her chest. Or I will wedge my body up against my dads while Molly perches from a couch cushion. I, of course, have to be as close as possible to this baby at all times. I'm always there to help!