Saturday, November 21, 2009

Buggs and their brother

We always knew I was going to be the best big brother but man, I'm a better brother than we ever dreamed! When my brother Brandon does "tummy time"--whatever that is--I sit right next to him to give him encouragement. And when my mom takes the three of us kids for our afternoon walk, I'm always careful never to walk too far ahead. My little brother is pretty cool I guess. I mean because of him my mom gets to stay home with us all day everyday. Its the best! I just wish he didn't wake me up so darn early. Us Buggs need our beauty sleep.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Football is in the air

It's a tough season for USC fans. Every weekend, the boys--me, dad, and Brandon (oh yeah, Molly too)--gather round the TV for the big game. Better yet, if its a home game my Hal comes to stay with us. I just love it when he's here, although Molly is cramping my style because she wants to sleep with my Hal too!

If you recall, I'm not allowed to wear my USC shirt anymore because it was bad luck last season. Now my brother isn't allowed to wear his USC bib because the team is doing so bad this season. We'll have to mix things up a bit...I just love the pigskin (no really, could I please have a pigs ear?)