Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bubble Buggs

Man, there are many perks to be a big brother, but I just discovered possibly the best perk...BUBBLES!! Brandon is crazy about bubbles (ba-bulls). He absolutely insists on playing with bubbles whenever we are in the backyard. Ordinarily I would have had to approve of this activity, since the backyard is clearly my territory, but I am willing to overlook this over-site. Bubbles are cool. I am determined to catch one, but they are tricky little suckers. Molly really gets close to catching them, before they float on away. Hopefully, we will have plenty of practice in catching these bubbles this summer...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Winter Coat

Everyone who has ever been to my house knows that I shed...A LOT!! It's a miracle if you leave the house without Bugg has all over your black pants. Mom had to furminate me last weekend, and although it looks like a lot, it didn't even make a dent! What's a Bugg to do?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Playing Favorites

Since the very beginning, I have been Brandon's favorite. Let's be honest, I am everybody's favorite. I am the laid back, cuddle bugg who gives kisses on demand and just lives to be loved. I have been Brandon's best buddy since he first came home from the hospital. I would be within arms reach everytime he was nursing. I would get right down next to him during tummy time. I was next to him when he crawled for the first time. I insist on sitting in his chair with him when he reads stories at night. I am his right hand man.

But recently, Brandon seems to favor Molly. He is always calling for "Ma-yee." He seeks her out to give her treats or bring her toys. Every morning when he comes into bed with my parents (and us Buggs of course), he lifts the covers to find Molly. What's the deal?! I mean, Molly is basically afraid of Brandon. When he makes a sudden move, she jumps. And how could Brandon perfer her, when she is constantly licking his face?

I have been really down about it. Have I been replaced? So I did some research: Playing favorites is actually a sign of emotional and cognitive growth. It helps your child explore relationships and intimacy, and assert his independence. In fact, when a child plays favorites, it's a sign that he feels close to you and is secure in your relationship.

Okay, so I will try not to take it personally. I will eagerly wait for the time that I am preferred once again.