Sunday, August 24, 2008

That's What Friends Are For...

My parents let my buddy, Longfellow, stay the whole week and man, what a week it was!! We were non-stop...taking turns bitting each other's excess neck skin, racing around the house, tugging back and forth on my toys. We took some naps with my Dad and even watched my new dog movie my parents bought me. Longfellow is cool and all, but he kept peeing in my parents house. I tried to work on it with him, but a Bug can't create miracles, you know!!

My aunt Emily came to stay with me this weekend while my parents were at my aunt Amanda's wedding. So many visitors! I told you I was popular.

I hear I'll be making a trip next week to visit my Hal. My Hal tells me he bought me a loofa dog that is bigger than I am. Oh Man!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm Number One

Well, my suspicions are confirmed...I am the best in my agility class. Just call me Michael Phelps!! On the eve on my dad's birthday, I ran the fastest time on my agility track at 53 seconds. Okay, okay, you got me...I was deducted 5 seconds for jumping off the teeter totter too early, but I was just so excited. That means everyone else in my class was eating my dust. My dad and I booked it!! See the below video to re-live my championship moment...

I think I will take more agility classes, seeing that I am practically a natural. And I have to say, I was the most popular competitor this season. I had several visitors: my great grandpa John, my grandma and grandpa Duke and Carol, and my dad's secretary Sandy. I really put the Bugg breed on the map, huh?

Here is a compilation of shots from this year's class, including some of my favorite fellow competitors, and of course, my trophy. The first of many I'm sure...Now if only I could convince my parents to feed me the type of breakfast that Michael Phelps eats each day.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What a week...

I don't know what I did to deserve this, but I am having the best week. My grandma is here because she is on vacation from school. We have been doing so much together. My mom calls her a merry maid, whatever that means. We mopped my new tile floors, squeegeed the patio door windows, dusted all surfaces, and cleaned up the grill. We did some serious gardening too. Of course, my grandma has cooked up a storm too. I've been right there in the kitchen to supervise the preparation, since I am well versed from all my watching of the Food Network with my grandpa Hal.

Anyway, I understand my grandma and grandpa are going to come watch me at agility class on Thursday. Meanwhile, I will continue to gouge out the eyeballs of this Lobster my parents brought me from Boston. It's practically a carcass now. Yum!