Monday, June 3, 2013

We got the shaft

Now, word on the street is that there are actually some toddlers out there that actually EAT!! Not our toddler. Brandon is the worst eater. And you know what that means...slim pickings in the droppings department. Now I have been trying to convince my mom to force Brandon to try steak or sausage or maybe some pork. I mean, he will eat the occasional bacon or burger, but how is a Bugg supposed to sample the finer things when you are at the whim of such a selective someone??? Plus, our toddler is starting to get really tall. How are Molly and I supposed to grab food out of Brandon's hands when that hand continues to get so much further from the ground? Luckily, we still have Paige. She's a shorty. But she is also an instigator. She will just give us the food. Just throw it there on the ground for us to eat, but then she cries as if we took it from her. We get in trouble....naughty little instigator! For now, I guess we will have to be satisfied with the waffles, gold fish crackers, and Cheetos. But I will still be dreaming of tri tip!

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